Mount Lavinia

Mount Lavinia


Mount Lavinia and its next door neighbour Dehiwala can be found on the southern coast line out of Colombo. Being a trendy area by the beach, it tends to attract the affluent youth interested in healthy lifestyles during the day and parties at weekends. You can see joggers in the early morning as they do their exercises before setting off to work in downtown Colombo city. 

Mount Lavinia has a popuation of 210,000 and is the largest suburb of Colombo. You can also find Sri Lanka’s National Zoological Gardens in this area.

The name “Lavinia” is said to come from the lover of Sri Thomas Maitland called “Lovina”. Sir Thomas was the Governor of Ceylon from 1805 to 1811. As it was not deemed fit for a man in his position to be seen with a dancing girl, the love affair had to be kept in secret. A statue of Lovina can be found at the entrance of the Mount Lavinia Hotel in remembrance of her.

Because of the close proximity to Colombo, Mount Lavinia attracts local tourists as well as tourists from abroad. The beach, the sun and casual lifestyle are the main attractions.