The Heat

Sri Lanka Weather

10502165_332647836890001_4908670401277549071_nWhile visiting a new country is interesting and exciting, Some things are very obvious and easy to get used to, while there are certain other things… well, you’ll probably never get used to them. (Hint: Rice and Curry. All. The. Time.)
Here’s one that is very typical for SriLanka‬, but can be difficult, confusing, or even flat-out weird to a foreigner.

The Heat

Stepping out of the Bandaranaike International Airport can be compared to walking into a wall: one made of heat and exhaust gas. Walking down the streets of Colombo‬, or anywhere else without a pool or the ocean to cool off in, will make you feel as if you’re a walking-sizzling Fajita. You will eventually realise that taking three showers a day – and sweating it out while you take them – will be your life for as long as you stay in this country. We could very well be living on Mars.
As if that wasn’t enough, on more than one occasion, you will find yourself waking up at the crack of dawn, sweating like a pig and realising that the fan is off due to yet another power outage. And to top it all off, you never know if it’s going to last two minutes or two hours.
Good Luck – Remember its always time for a cold Lion Beer!!!


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