How it works

How it works

How it works

Upon receipt of your request for holiday accommodation, the owner is contacted to check availability, and we get back to you as soon as possible.

If available, the guest has 24 hours to make the full payment. This is a commitment on your part to stay at the accommodation selected, and also a commitment on the part of the owner to supply you accordingly. A mutual agreement.

If you cancel before 7 days, you receive a 50% refund less fees by the service provider. If you cancel within 7 days, you receive no refund. So when booking, please ensure that you understand these policies.

On the one hand you may think these polices harsh, but often the livelihood of a homestay family depends on this rental income. If you cancel and expect a full refund, the homestay owner has lost important income for his survival. So our polices not only protect the homestay owner but also you as your accommodation is assured in advance.

On confirmation of the booking, your payment details are protected and are not available to the host nor us, the agents. Your name, no. of guests and nationality and contact phone number are the only information disclosed to the host. And on your side, the host’s address, phone number, email address and directions are also given to you. For clarification of directions, please contact the host directly.

Please note: For long term stays ie: properties listed with a per month price instead of per night are not bound by the terms and conditions as above. Instead you will be advised accordingly when making your request and booking with

How does work?

We scout and select unique homes and guest houses, create photos and texts, list them online, communicate with Guests and process payments. We do this as an intermediary, on behalf of Hosts who can’t do it themselves.

Where are based?

We are based in Gibraltar which is a British Overseas Territory located on the southern end of the Iberian peninsula attached to Spain. We also have many Field Managers and Guest Services Managers based in Sri Lanka who can assist in case of any emergencies.

How do I book a room?

If you click on the ‘book now’ button, you’ll be redirected to one of our preferred booking engines, where you can book the room. We operate these pages on behalf of the Hosts.

How can I communicate with the Host? Hosts aren’t always able to access the internet or write in English. We can answer your questions 90% of the time. For the other 10%, we contact the Host first. Once at the property, you’ll find that basic communication works just fine.

How much do the Hosts get?

Hosts decide for themselves what they want to charge per night and we charge an additional fee for our services. Depending on how much service a Host needs, our fee ranges between 15-20%. The rest goes to the Host. This income is important for the host family as the majority of the time it is their only income. It helps to pay for the household expenses and very often to pay towards education for their children or any medical expenses that the family may have to pay.

How do I know the Host and the Home are for real?

We have personally met each Host and, in most cases, we’ve stayed in their Home ourselves.

How can I list my home with you?

If you are (or know someone who is) interested in listing a Sri Lankan Homestay or guest house with, please Contact Us.

General Conditions

The Basics
• We connect home owners (Hosts) who want to rent out accommodation (Homes) to tourists (Guests). By providing an online Platform and Services.

  • We operate solely as an intermediary. Since is not a party to any agreements between Hosts and Guests, we disclaim all liability in this regard.
  • Hosts are asked for approval before each booking and are obligated to respond quickly and accurately to such requests.
  • The Hosts remain fully responsible for getting the necessary permits for their activities from the relevant (local) authorities.
  • Hosts set a fixed Host Fee per night for their accommodation and we charge Guests a Service Fee for our work. This is always included in the listing price.
  • The Hosts and Guests can cancel bookings, according to the cancellation policy of the Booking Engine used.

Any further questions please Contact Us or use our Live Chat facility