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Thomson Airways now flies from London Gatwick to Sri Lanka

thomson 787 dreamliner 1Thomson Airways now flies their new luxury Boeing 787 Dreamliner weekly to Colombo Sri Lanka from London Gatwick.

This is a direct non stop flight of 11.5 hours and Premium Class is also available.

This is a huge boost for tourism for Sri Lanka and follows the announcements from both Austrian Airlines and KLM who are also offering new services to the island.

The Thomson flight now fills part of the gap left after British Airways pulled out of the service in 2015 due to competition from Sri Lankan Airlines.

Seats are sold on the aircraft as part of package holidays or seat only.

Long haul holidays are fast becoming the preferred choice for many British holidaymakers as new research from holiday brands, Thomson and First Choice reveals that more people than ever before are prepared to go the distance to find their dream destination. Travelling for nine hours or more is now considered par for the course for many Brits (77%) as they seek more adventure and cultural diversity from their holidays.

Whilst two week durations remain the most popular, increasingly British holidaymakers are jetting further afield for just 10 or 11 nights in search of better weather (53%), cultural diversity (52%), beautiful beaches (42%) and more adventure (38%). This combination of factors resulted in 65% of those asked saying their long haul holidays were the most memorable and that they felt more adventurous (36%) than on a short-haul holiday (9%).

First Choice, part of TUI UK & Ireland, is one of the UK’s most well-known holiday brands, delivering unique and modern holiday experiences for its customers every year.

The airline was the first UK operator of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

What’s different about Dreamliner?

thomson dreamliner cabinBigger Windows
The windows on a 787 Dreamliner are about 30% bigger than those on your average plane. What’s more, when you’re ready to sleep, you can dim them at the touch of a button.

Room Overhead
Even at its lowest point, the Dreamliner cabin is over 6-foot high, so there’s a real sense of space.

More Oxygen
You’ll leave the plane feeling fresher when you fly on the Dreamliner. This is because its cabin pressure allows more oxygen to be absorbed into your blood.

Mood Lighting
Your body clock is more in tune wherever you’re heading on the Dreamliner, as the plane features a high-spec mood lighting system that can mimic things like dawn and dusk.

A Quieter Flight
The Dreamliner generates 60 per cent less noise than standard planes during take-off and
landing. It’ll be quieter in the air, too.

Quality Time
You can indulge in some proper ‘me’ time on the Dreamliner. It’s kitted out with state-of-the-art seatback TVs – and you can even plug your camera into them.

More fuel-efficient
Thanks to its composite structure and revolutionary engines, the plane is more fuel-efficient and emits less CO2 – about 20 per cent less carbon on a flight from Britain to America.

A bigger reach
The 787 Dreamliner can fly about 8,000 miles without stopping, which means it can go direct to destinations other planes can’t reach.

thomson 787 dreamliner cabinUpgrade to Premium Club :

For a bigger luggage allowance and seats with a bigger recline and a 38-inch pitch. You’ll also get priority check in and boarding, security fast track and UK airport lounge access, plus luxury extras like a Rituals cosmetics kit, a bigger TV screen, and a complimentary drink before you fly. And if you’re on a night flight, they’ll supply a duvet and pillow, too.

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Lanka4Me Wins Top Travel Blog Award

Lanka4Me Wins Top Travel Blog Award has been awarded a special merit as one of the  – Top 30 Sri Lanka Travel blog websites for 2017 by

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Fly to Sri Lanka with Saudia Airlines

saudi757Saudia Airlines is the national airline of Saudia Arabia. It tends to be popular with other muslim countries as they operate a service to Mecca. However it is also a viable option for those travelling from Europe to Colombo, Sri Lanka.

A change is usually required either at Riyadh or Jeddah, or typically Riyadh via Jeddah, and you may also have another stop at Male on the Maldives on your way to Sri Lanka.

Flight time from say Madrid to Jeddah is 6 to 6 1/2 hours, and from say Jeddah direct to Colombo another 6 to 6 1/2 hours. The challenge is the transit time.

Jeddah has a transit lounge giving you free tea and coffee, and also snacks. You can rest in their lounge, some are reclining lounge seats, or watch TV. However time allowed in this area is strictly controlled by the lounge controller. After a limited time, he rolls you out for the next influx of transit passengers.

The transit lounge at Riyadh is only for their members and is not for the economy transit passenger. No free tea or coffee there, nor are there any free munchies.

One of the big advantages of flying with Saudia is that you are allowed 2 pieces of luggage, each with a maximum weight of 23 kgs per person even for economy passengers. That is far better than some other airlines offer.

There is no alcohol served on board, but the cabin crew are most courteous and professional. The meals are average and nothing to get excited about. Practical but not luxurious.

There is a good selection of films to choose from, but on several of my flights there were problems with damaged audio services.

Price-wise Saudia Airlines are very competitive. They are worth investigating before you make a booking to fly to Sri Lanka.

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Sri Lanka Weather

10502165_332647836890001_4908670401277549071_nWhile visiting a new country is interesting and exciting, Some things are very obvious and easy to get used to, while there are certain other things… well, you’ll probably never get used to them. (Hint: Rice and Curry. All. The. Time.)
Here’s one that is very typical for SriLanka‬, but can be difficult, confusing, or even flat-out weird to a foreigner.

The Heat

Stepping out of the Bandaranaike International Airport can be compared to walking into a wall: one made of heat and exhaust gas. Walking down the streets of Colombo‬, or anywhere else without a pool or the ocean to cool off in, will make you feel as if you’re a walking-sizzling Fajita. You will eventually realise that taking three showers a day – and sweating it out while you take them – will be your life for as long as you stay in this country. We could very well be living on Mars.
As if that wasn’t enough, on more than one occasion, you will find yourself waking up at the crack of dawn, sweating like a pig and realising that the fan is off due to yet another power outage. And to top it all off, you never know if it’s going to last two minutes or two hours.
Good Luck – Remember its always time for a cold Lion Beer!!!

Massive Festival in Negombo coming soon

2016-07-30 18.15.34It starts on the Sunday 29th July 2018 and will continue until the 6th August.

St.Anne’s church in Palagathura in Negombo is one of the biggest churches in the area. This one is set close to the Dutch Canal on St. Anns Road.

This is an annual event starting the last Sunday in July.

This is a church festival celebrated all over Negombo, where the streets are decorated and lit up at night. The church grounds host a carnival organised by the church youth group and the local community.

The streets are lined with market stalls selling food, sweets, toys, gifts and there is even a 6D mobile cinema, I dont know how you experience 6D!

Families come from miles and mile around to experience the spectacle and to be blessed. On the first Sunday there is a parade through the streets with lots of music and smiling faces.

This is the biggest festival of its kind in Negombo. Take a look at some of last years photos!

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