Enjoy the Seafood Stalls Along the Galle Face Colombo

Enjoy the Seafood Stalls Along the Galle Face Colombo

Galle Face ColomboOne of the areas where people escape the hectic life of Colombo city in Sri Lanka is the Galle Face. It is a promenade along the sea front with many food stalls. These food stalls offer delicacies with prawns and crabs.

The Galle Face promenade

Noticeably absent are the trinket stalls that you would find in a normal touristic area. A few exist but they are easily outnumbered by the food stalls present.

The Galle Face promenade is flanked by the Raj Hotel on one side and the Galle Face Hotel on the other.

20160615_190631It is not safe to bathe in this area, or swim in the sea. There are various sign posts around warning you of the dangers. It is however an area where people like to stroll hand in hand, and you will aso come across the occasional jogger or walker seeking exercise.

There is also a “green area” – a lawn between the parking area and the promenade itself.

One jetty enables you to get closer to the sea as it juts out from the Galle Face promenade and extends into the sea area. Popular with photographers and those seeking a sea experience.

Closeby are the World Trade Centre and the Dutch Hospital with its restaurants and shops.

Escape the city and check it out for yourself. Especially pleasant in early evening when the sun has gone down and you are feeling peckish for some seafood.

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