Even cats know best

Even cats knows it is good for you.



King coconut or Thambili, a ‘living pharmacy’ as Sri Lankans are calling it. A pharmaceutical wonder that has a cure for almost every ailment and in addition is super cheap, effective and has a super yummy taste. It cures hangovers and it helps with all kinds of belly sickness. It is almost like a drip, you feel like a new born after drinking it.


12552939_10153999249004474_4007232847156830449_nIt is used in Ayurveda in Aralu brew that refreshes you by ’expelling heat from the body’. The coconut water is naturally sterile and can be a substitute for saline – doctors in World War II were using it instead of sterile glucose solutions.

Now you know! When you travel in Sri Lanka and the pharmacy is closed, just get yourself a thambili. By the way, Sri Lankans believe so much in this King Coconut that they started to export thambili water around the world!

Available from most street venders from as little as 40 rupees each.

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