Public photography etiquette in Sri Lanka

Public photography etiquette in Sri Lanka

photographerThe colour and culture of Sri Lanka makes it a photographer’s paradise however there are a few things to consider before getting too snap happy.

Depends on where you plan to photograph, some sites require a permit which covers photography, filming, parking and entrance fee.

No photography of sensitive locations (inside and outside), inside of shopping malls and inside tea factories (outside OK). Be especially careful in Fort, Colombo (except on the beach). If local soldiers are standing guard, it probably shouldn’t be photographed.

Don’t rely on signs alone, as sometimes they are old or missing. For example, one end of a bridge may have a “No Photography” sign, but not the other. There have been instances where foreign nationals have been detained by the police after taking photographs of buildings or vehicles used by VIPs. These include numerous sites in central Colombo. Use of video and/or photography is prohibited near military bases and government buildings.


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