Anyone for Scrabble in Sri Lanka?

Anyone for Scrabble in Sri Lanka?

SriLanka-International-Scrabble-TournamentIf you want to play scrabble in Sri Lanka take care who your opponents may be.

The world record for highest score over a 24 hour period goes to a Sri Lankan pair of scrabblers called Lakshan Wanniarachchi and Yeshan Jayasuriya.

The couple managed to get a cool 196,525 points in a 24 hour game on 10th/11th November 2012 in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

And it is not just the adults who are playing.

scrabbleIn the World Youth Scrabble Championships in 2015, Sri Lanka walked away with six awards, one of which was the best team award and the under 14 title.

The Sri Lankan National Scrabble 2016 Championships takes place on 13th August 2016, venue still to be decided.

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