Sri Lanka Tourism Plan For 2016

The General Sri Lanka Tourism Plan For 2016

Sigiriya RockAccording to statistics, Sri Lanka Tourism recorded 18.1% growth on arrivals with 1.5 million arrivals for the year during 2015 up to November. It is estimated from these figures that the revenue generated by tourism was US2.2 billion dollars. In an effort to continue this trend, a general Sri Lanka Tourism Plan for 2016 has been created based on 5 key objectives.

The Key Performance Measures (KPMs) are
– reach an annual growth rate of 26%
– to attract 2.2 million visitors
– increase average spend per tourist to US200 per day
– generate total tourist revenue to US2.75 billion dollars
– increasing Sri Lanka’s brand value to US80 million dollars

It is against these key performance measures that the success of tourism in Sri Lanka will be measured.

Indeed Sri Lanka has a lot to offer.

The cultural triangle incorporating Anuradhapura, Dambulla, Sigiriya and Polonnaruwa attracts those with cultural interests in viewing their UNESCO World Heritage sites, whilst the beaches of the east and south attract the water sports enthusiast as well as the sun worshippers.

With 26 national parks, naturalists and photographers can develop their interest in the many safari pacakages, whilst the adventurer can do white river rafting, ballooning, whale watching, as well as many other adrenalin seeking activities.

With the great diversity of what Sri Lanka has to offer, it is no wonder that tourists are selecting Sri Lanka as one of their preferred holiday destinations.

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